–         How do I know that the winner is randomly selected?

The winner will be randomly selected due to the selection process. Furthermore, Holiday4change will take videos of people asking them to sign documents which states that their random. Plus, it is against the law for Holiday4change to use people they know.

–        How do I know which number has been assigned to me?

All the numbers will be kept by holiday4change and will be revived on the selection process video which will be made accessible to the public. once the winner has been chosen. 

–          How to play?

There will be five multiple choice questions where you will be shown an image of either a city or country (per question), all you have to do is identify the correct answer from a selection of 4 answer options.

–          Why do you require my contact information?

This enables us, Holiday4change, to contact you if selected as a winner

–          When does my payment plan activate?

If you sign up for any plan, your membership will be immediately activated. Your days of active membership will start to count down.

–          Can I enter multiple times per month

Yes, Holiday4Change hosts one game per week. Allowing you to be able to enter into each competition. All you have to do is answer the questions.

–          How much is it to enter

To enter the competition, you have the option of 4 payment plans which are:

  •      1 month for £4.99
  •      3 months for £7.99
  •       6 months for £14.99
  •       12 months for £24.99

–          Can I get the money alternative to the gift card?

No, the gift card has no monetary value.

–          The holiday I want is less than or more than £1000, can you reimburse me the rest?

If the holiday you want to go on cost more than a £1000, you will have to pay the remainder out of your own pocket. If the holiday costs less than £1000, Holiday4change will not be able to pay you back the difference in any form.

–          Is the gift card only for me or can I pay for multiple individuals?

You can use the Love2shop holidays gift card to pay for multiple individuals as long as it falls within the limit of the card.

–          Can I use the gift card on holiday companies not listed on the Love2shop holiday website?

No, you can only use the gift card on companies listed on the Love2shop holiday website.

–          What companies can I use the gift card on?


–          Is the payment secure

Payments made to Holiday4change are 100% secure. We use a third party, PayPal in order to take payments.

–          How do you contact holiday4change?

In order to contact Holiday4change email us on enquires@holiday4change.co.uk