About Us 

Vision Statement

“Changing the world through strengthening relationships”

Mission Statement

Bringing joy, laughter, happiness and above all togetherness to everyone through our holidays


“We aim of the company is to help build relationships within families and friends”

Our Story

Holiday4change is a family run business with the simple vision of transforming the way you pay for your holiday adventures. Our story began with the sheer frustration of not being able to afford even the cheapest of holidays; we felt that we were missing out on life’s greatest pleasures – to be able to explore the beauty of this world together as a family.

Holiday4change strongly believes that being able to take time out in the year to visit different destinations across the globe with loved ones need not be a financial burden, we aim to make it as affordable as possible. Holiday4change would love to give you the opportunity to spend quality time with those dear to you whilst immersing yourselves in different cultures and experiences. We believe you should be able to participate without worrying too much about funding. Holidays are one of the keys to building relationships within family and friends; they help create bonding experiences and everlasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Our Product

By signing up for any of our payment plans, you have the opportunity to win up to £1000 holiday gift card courtesy of Love2shop holiday which can be utilised in over 200+ popular holiday operators including cruises. Building strong and lasting relationships, especially in places where you are most relaxed, enables us as humans to interact with each other, broadening and opening our minds to new experiences which allows growth and physical satisfaction in our own selves. Love, comfort and togetherness are the building blocks for much more than we realise and here at Holiday4Change we’re all about changing the world through strengthening relationships, one holiday at a time.

About me

Lindolf Muchina is the founder of Holiday4change.

I find that true happiness is experienced when one is spending time doing the things he loves with the people he loves. In the beginning my primary driver for everything I did focused on acquiring more. More money, more possessions, more deals, more, more and more. All of my chasing culminated in more bills, barely breaking even and most importantly, ultimate MISERY. I needed a break. I needed a holiday. I needed my family. I got my break. I got my family. I had no holiday. Holiday4Change was then born out of a need to allow hard working families and friends – who would not otherwise be able to afford a holiday, the opportunity to go on holiday without worrying about the expense bill.

Behind me, within, Holiday4change is a diverse team running the company who are all invested in upholding the mission of the company and bringing you a great service and joy all around.

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